Budgeting System

The client is a group of companies responsible for management of expenses of a large business entity.

Our company was responsible for the whole process of development of the corresponding system, which allows planning of budgets for different types of expenses, management of budgets execution and preparing a set of reports for the client's corporate management.

During several steps of development we have implemented additional modules for management of personal, inventory and corporate structure for the system. Application has a complex access control subsystem for different users and groups, including verification via SMS codes during login process. At the moment we are responsible for technical support of the system.

Our client is using the system for more than 2 years, most of reports are preparing in the system, which decrease the time of preparation of any report by at least 80%. The process of inventory, corporate and documents management was greatly simplified due to system integration in a business process of the customer.

Due to proprietary information, stored in the system we are not providing URL in portfolio, we can provide the link to a demo version if requested.