Billing System for Villas Residence

Customer requested our team to provide a software solution for the calculation of regular communal expenses (plots, electricity, etc.) for a private villas residence (400 - 500 villas). The system should send to the owners notifications about outstanding debts and allows them to proceed with payments online.

Our team has provided a web based software where the owners, after appropriate registration, could perform all actions described above. To allow credit cards processing the system was integrated with external CC processing service. For notification we have done the integration with SMS service provider.
Also we have implemented integration with internal accounting system of residence to allow data exchange and verification of accounts balance between system database and accounting system.

The project was successfully launched and most of the payment are doing online through the system now.

Due to confidential information, stored in the system we are not providing URL in portfolio, we can provide the link to a demo version if requested.