ERP System for English Language School

Our client is a group of language schools, located in Moscow, St Petersburg and several other regions of Russia. The goal was to create a system which allows to manage the whole educational process including resources, related to it, relations with clients and students, financial profits from educational products and each group of students.

Our team is participating in the project from the very beginning, we have successfully completed modules, related to management of contacts, students and teachers, schedule for groups, students and teachers, documents management. At the moment we are completing the module, related to financial relations between school and teachers, school and students. The main goal is to have the full accounting management for the whole educational process with a set of reports for school directors.

The project is in the process of development now but it already gives the ability to our customer performing management of some key business entities and relations. This brings to a consistent business growing of client's set of schools.

In November 2017, we started another step of this project. Initial task: replace the old non scalable CRM system with the new one and add ERP functionality.

Steps completed:

  • Schedule and groups module.
  • Financial module.
  • Marketing module.

Current state of development:

  • E-mail campaigns module.