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Our team has a great experience in development of web sites and applications of different complexity. Responsive design and loading optimisation for mobile devices are at the forefront of our activities.

Mobile applications development

We are creating branded mobile applications with simple and user friendly interface. Multimedia, augmented reality, in-app purchases and a lot of other functions could easily be implemented by our developers.

Solutions for learning

Our company has a lot of completed learning management applications, distance learning solutions, mobile application to support learning process. On the basis of our experience we can provide the best solution for any learning centre accordingly to customer business needs.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our team has successfully completed a log of projects in ERP systems development for different kinds of businesses. This field includes applications for learning management, conferences, meetings and resources planning, budgeting, accounting and billing.

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Software development?


Our team will be glad to help you in any field, related to software development and IT solution. We are providing a set of services, covering most of all business requirement, including software development, deployment and system administration, design and prototyping and search engines optimisation.