CareerAddict Blog

Our client's goal was to create high performance web blog, devoted to jobs finding and career building. Authors could register in the system, prepare and publish their articles in different sections of the site: Finding a job, Education, Management, etc. Readers are able to find interesting information on the theme, relevant products in a special section of the site, send a comments.

The application was built by our team using Ruby on Rails framework and custom Content Management System. It has responsive interface, well tested on real mobile devices, loading time of the pages is very small for mobile networks. Our work also includes proper configuration and optimisation of PostgreSQL database cluster and other server components in a dedicated hosting server.

Values for the site are 'A' for both standard metrics: Google Page Speed and YSlow. Cache of the pages is based on the Nginx + Memcached configuration and has very small response time about 0.5 sec. Page starting visualisation time accordingly to WebPagetest service is 2 seconds and total loading time of the pages about 5 second.